World Textile Day goes VIRTUAL

As you can’t come to World Textile Day, at least we can bring some great textiles to you – a sort of virtual World Textile Day. Check out our latest offers. Follow us on social media.

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What makes World Textile Day special?

The TEXTILES, of course, sourced by our experts on their world travels.

But it’s also about  YOU. World Textile Day is your chance to see, handle and buy textile treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

And, it’s about the PEOPLE – past and present – who’ve devoted their creative and technical skills to producing amazing cloths for ceremonial and daily use around the world.

What  have people said about World Textile Day?

For anyone who loves textiles and costume, World Textile Day is a fascinating and stimulating event… a great day out. Popular Patchwork.

World textile experts share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you – the clothaholics of the world. Workbox magazine.

World textile day is my favourite day of the year.  One of our VERY enthusiastic visitors!