World Textile Experts and Traders                   

The African Fabric Shop

The African Fabric Shop is a specialist fair trade dealer in all types of African fabrics, textiles, beads and baskets, as well as an online showcase for Magie Relph - textile artist, quilter, teacher and co-author of African Wax Print: A Textile Journey.

Magie and her husband Bob Irwin have travelled the length and breadth of Africa for over 25 years, searching out fabulous textiles, beads and baskets directly from the makers - a genuine fair trade business.



t: 01484 850629

Magie Relph and Bob Irwin
on one of their many 'African fabric safaris'

Textile Traders

Diane and Jim Gaffney are well-known specialists in batik and handmade textiles - initially from Indonesia but today from around the world.

For 30 years they have been travelling, reasearching and buying textiles and related artefacts from many skilled artisans who are not only business partners, but valued friends.

Their most recent adventure took them across Asia - through 'the Stans' and China all the way to Vietnam and Java.



t: 01588 638712

Jim and Diane Gaffney at Wonderwool 2012.

John Gillow

John Gillow has spent more more than 30 years traveling the world, studying, collecting, lecturing and writing about textiles.

He has written many acclaimed books about world textiles, most recently Textiles of the Islamic World.

As a dealer, John specialises in unique, vintage and collectable textiles and costumes from around the world.

John Gillow at World Textile Day Scotland 2012

Martin Conlan - Slow Loris Textiles

Martin Conlan is an acknowledged expert in the textile arts and crafts of Chinese tribal minorities.

He travels extensively, collecting and trading in Indigo and vegetable-dyed clothing and Oriental tribal clothing and textiles.



t: 020 8858 2114

Martin Conlan shows pieces from his
fabulous collection of Chinese tribal textiles
at World Textile Day Wales 2012

Tukuru Textiles

Meri Hunneyball specialises in exotic textiles, clothing, jewellery and handicrafts from South America.

Because Meri travels to remote villages and buys directly from the makers, her contribution to the fair trade process is felt where it matters most - at grass roots level.

Meri also offers talks and demonstrations of back strap weaving.



Meri Hunneyball in the Andes

Susan Briscoe Designs

Susan Briscoe is a textile artist, quilter, teacher and author of numerous books, including Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match, The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, 21 Sensational Patchwork Bags and 21 Terrific Patchwork Bags.

She is also a specialist dealer in Japanese textiles, Kimono and Kimono fabric.



Susan Briscoe at World Textile Day Wales 2012

Gilly Thomson - Kekfesto Cotton

Gilly Thomson provides a vast range of hand-printed blue dyed fabrics imported from Hungary.



t: 01463 713206

Gilly Thomson with her hand-printed
Indigo fabrics from Hungary

Khayamiya Egyptian Appliqués

Joan and John Fisher have been championing the work of the traditional 'Tentmakers of Cairo' for several years.

They have been instrumental in bringing many of these talented, specialist stitchers to major textile events in the UK and Europe.

Joan and John travel regularly to Cairo acquiring new work for their extensive private collection, as well as for sale at shows and via their website.


John Fisher takes a stitching lesson from Hossam

Aņaņuca Hand-made Chilean Textiles

Liz and David Beasley have a simple and honest ethos: their fair trade textiles are sourced directly, showing respect for the skills of the artisans and their need to make a dignified living.

They specialise in hand-woven rugs, blankets and throws, as well as alpaca and sheep's wool scarves and shawls - all created by some of Chile's finest weavers.



t: 01597 860604

Liz Beasley researching indigenous dye plants in Chile

Jane Callender - Callishibori

Jane Callender is an internationally known shibori textile artist based in East Anglia.

Her work has evolved out of a passion for pattern making. Limiting her pallet and using indigo predominantly, she has focused on shibori technique, inventing stitch formats and finding new surface qualities to combine with indigo shibori resists.

Jane lectures, teaches and tours her exhibitions worldwide.



t: 01986 788 644

Jane Callender: textile artist, teacher,
author and expert in shibori and indigo

Helen Murchie - Tweedindeed

Helen makes wonderful cushion covers, book covers and flower corsages - all using genuine Harris and Donegal tweeds.



Tweedindeed exhibiting at Romsey Agrigultural Show

Andrew Haughton - The Nomad's Tent

Andrew - owner of the spectacular Nomad's Tent Gallery in Edinburgh - joined the World Textile Day team in 2016. His expertise - and indeed, his passion - is carpets, which adds a great new dimension to World Textile Day.



Andrew Haughton at World Textile Day Scotland 2017

Tanya Byrne - Indian Textiles

Tanya specialises in beautiful Kantha blankets and shaws from India.

Tanya Byrne:
Specialist fair trade dealer in Indian textiles

Ruth Smith and Gina Corrigan

Ruth and Gina are the authors of A Little Known Chinese Folk Art: Zhen Xian Bao.

The term 'shen xian bao' refers to ingenious folded paper containers from China, traditionally used for storing embroidery threads, photographs and personal mementoes.

Dong minority 'zhen xian bao'