World Textile Days 2015                                 

World Textile Day Wales - Llanidloes

Textile Adventures

14 Mar 2015 As the home of our first ever World Textile Day, the Minerva Centre in Wales holds a place near to our collective hearts.

This year aiming to keep the day fresh, vibrant and exciting we really pulled out the stops, an effort that met with much acclaim from our local and distant visitors alike.

The displays of textile were truly exciting and told many tales of our adventures and misadventures finding and acquiring textiles around the world.

Then, we launched a new and innovative talks format that saw six of our world textile experts entertain and inform with a tale from their bottomless reservoir of 'textile adventures'.

Thanks to Doreen Gough and the Quilt Association for their support, hospitality and cakes.

Textile Adventurers:
Our world textiles experts

Diane Gaffney of Textile Traders:
Textiles, artefacts and treasures from villages across Asia

Tanya Kagan:
Stunning fair trade textiles from India

World Textile Day South - Wickham

Textile Adventures

28 Mar 2015 We're always striving to make our World Textile Days meet your expectations and our new venue at Wickham Centre ticked all the boxes: bigger, brighter and heaps of free parking.

This year we welcomed a new expert to our team - Sally Chang, who specialises in Chinese fabrics, especially indigo. Plus, Joan and John Fisher mounted a stunning display of needle-turned appliqué wallhangings by the famous Tentmakers of Cairo.

Our six 'Textile Adventures' talks were a real highlight of the day. They proved informative, entertaining and full of suprises: especially Ruth Smith's unusual Following a Paper Trail in China. And, one of our speakers made his nervous debut appearance: Bob Irwin took you to the north of Ghana where he buys his wonderful fair-trade baskets.

Everyone agreed: what an incredible textile day out!

Ready for the off:
Our world textiles experts at Wickham Centre in Hampshire

Chang's Chinese Textiles:
Sally, do you have any indigo by any chance?

Textiles and cakes:
The perfect combination at World Textile Day

World Textile Day North
Frodsham, Cheshire

Textile Adventures

11 Apr 2015 Frodsham Community Centre and textiles go hand-in-hand. So many groups and guilds meet there that Frodsham was just shouting out, 'World Textile Day, please come.' So we did. And what a day it was!

All day long textiles lovers thronged the hall admiring, handling and yes - buying - world textiles galore. There really was something for every one and every budget: from John Gillow's antique treasures from around the globe to newcomer Meri Hunneyball's delightful woven fabrics and artefacts from Peru.

Chinese textiles expert Martin Conlan could barely keep his clothing rails stocked while the quilters descended like vultures on Susan Brisoce's kimono fabrics and Magie Relph's array of African fabrics.

Our talks format - a total of six 20-minute tales of 'Textile Adventure' by our world textile experts - went down a storm. The universal punchline seemed to be: don't get into textiles if you can't take a joke!

Finally, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our wonderful hosts - the cake-bakers of Frodsham Patchwork Group - who kept the masses fed and watered.

'Welcome to our first World Textile Day North':
Jim Gaffney of Textile Traders greets our visitors

A textile for every one and every budget:
Fordsham Community Centre packed with textile lovers!

Let them eat cake:
Always come hungry to World Textile Day

World Textile Day Scotland
Bridge of Allan

Textile Adventures

20 Jun 2015 Textile lovers north of the border - Scotland, that is - love World Textile Day and support us well by travelling great distances to attend. We're extremely grateful for their genuine enthusiasm: 'Thank you, Scotland.'

Our theme this year - Textile Adventures - really struck a chord as well, with fantastic attendance for our morning and afternoon talk sessions.

Bob Irwin of the African Fabric Shop wrapped the day up with his tale of exhaustion 'From Bolga to Basket Case' all about how he sources his fantastic fair trade baskets in the weaving villages of northern Ghana.

Last - but certainly not least - a massive thank you to our hosts - the amazing Divas of Session Quilters.

World textile expert, author and
'raconteur extraordinaire' John Gillow

Slow Loris Textiles: Martin Conlan travels the backroads of China sourcing his fantastic textiles and clothing

Nobody goes hungry at
World Textile Day Scotland

World Textile Day East
Mundford, Norfolk

Textile Adventures

12 Sep 2015 The manic textile lovers of East Anglia arrived in droves - many of them before the doors were actually open to the public - hungry for their annual fix of world textiles.

Sometimes we really do wonder what the excitement is all about, but we spend pretty much all of our time with our collections of world textiles. For our visitors this really is a special day with a unique chance to examine, handle, and yes - buy! - some fascinating and unique textiles.

As you'd expect, every textile tells its own story: hence our theme this year - Textile Adventures. Our experts informed and entertained in equal measure with their textile tales of adventure.

A massive 'thank you' to East Anglia for supporting World Textile Day. And an even bigger thank you to Castle Quilters for their fantastic baked goodies.

Textile lovers throng around John Gillow's
collection of world textile delights

Hand-dyed, hand-stitched:
Another John Gillow treasure

Meri Hunneball of Tukuru Textiles:
Great togs for kids!

World Textile Day West
Saltford, Bristol

Textile Adventures

3 Oct 2015

Our West Country welcome last year for our first World Textile Day in the west of England was astounding. We really were amazed at the enthusiastic turnout of textile lovers.

So what happened this year for our second visit to the excellent Saltford Community Centre?

Even more people turned up!

Thank you all for your support of world textiles.

Our day would never be complete without the home-style catering of Chris and his team from the Saltford Community Association. Keep those bacon sandwiches coming!

'There has to be something here I need!'
Something for everyone at World Textile Day

Martin Conlan shows another treasure
from his collection of Chinese tribal textiles

Before the onslaught:
Our team of world textile experts